Our Mission

Empowering women to fully explore the conversation
about breast cancer treatment options.

Who We Are

  • BC5 is a consortium of companies dedicated to educating women about
    their treatment options after a diagnosis of early stage breast cancer.
    One goal of the consortia is to make sure that brachytherapy is part
    of the conversation.

  • Our shared mission is to use education and awareness to empower
    women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer to drive the
    conversation about treatment options and take an active role
    in choosing their own treatment.

What To Expect

  • The group offers a roster of qualified and experienced
    physicians and researchers who can provide expert opinions
    and information about all breast cancer treatment options.

  • BC5 is also a resource for content, in the form of editorials,
    articles, tips, opinion pieces, infographics, video
    interviews and Q&As and expert commentary.

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