About BC5

  • BC5 is a consortium of companies dedicated to educating women about their treatment options after a diagnosis of early stage breast cancer. One goal of the consortium is to make sure that brachytherapy is part of the conversation.
  • Our shared mission is to use education and awareness to empower women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer to drive the conversation about treatment options and take an active role in choosing their own treatment.
  • The group offers a roster of qualified and experienced physicians and researchers who can provide expert opinions and information about all breast cancer treatment options.
  • BC5 is also a resource for prepared content, in the form of editorials, articles, tips, opinion pieces, video interviews, Q&As and expert commentary.

What Women Need to Know

Once a woman is diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, she needs to realize three things:

One solution does not fit all: There is no prescribed treatment plan that fits all women; every treatment option should be carefully considered and a customized approach should be developed to fit the unique needs of each patient.

Education and conversation: Determining the appropriate treatment plan should always be a dialogue between patient and providers. All options should be explained and considered before making a final treatment decision.

It’s an individual decision: All women should ask questions and get answers about how different options are relevant to their particular situation. Everyone needs to explore information, explanations and alternatives to help guide the process. Ultimately, it’s the patient’s decision.