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Partial as Good as Whole-Breast Irradiation – Clear Result
by Zosia Chustecka

Dr. Frank Vicini, from 21st Century Oncology of Michigan, talks to Medscape about paradigm changing data that support use of APBI over whole breast irradiation (WBI) for breast cancer.

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Safer, Quicker Breast Cancer Treatment Gets a Boost
by David Mills

Dr. Robert Kuske, a radiation oncologist and a co-founder of Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists in Scottsdale, talks about APBI treatment for women with low stage breast cancer.

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APBI on Par with WBI in Low-Risk Breast Cancer
by Anna Azvolinsky

Prof. Strnad and colleagues are quoted about their study, which was the first to demonstrate the non-inferiority of APBI compared with WBI for a subgroup of early-stage breast cancer patients.

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Adjuvant APBI with multicatheter brachytherapy effective for early-stage breast cancer
by David Mills

Vratislav Strnad, MD, PhD, lead author on a large scale, multicenter phase 3 study that examined APBI and WBI for selected patients with early-stage breast cancer shares his views on the results.

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5 Things Women Should Know About Brachytherapy
by Dr. Robert Kuske

Dr. Robert Kuske, a radiation oncologist and a co-founder of Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists in Scottsdale, shares important information about brachytherapy for women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer.

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Chief surgeon: Explore options for early stage breast cancer for best results and future protection
by Dr. Cynara Coomer

Dr. Cynara Coomer, chief of breast surgery and director of the Comprehensive Breast Center at SIUH, shares why women need to think about the possibility of re-treatment when discussing treatment options with their doctors.

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Frank Vicini BC5

Response to “Double Mastectomy Rates Rise Among Women With Early-Stage Breast Cancer”
by Dr. Frank Vicini

Dr. Frank Vicini, Chief Academic Officer for Michigan Healthcare Professionals and 21st Century Oncology, responds to survey results indicating more women are undergoing double mastectomies.

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“Mammograms vital for Latinas and all women”
by Dr. Beatriz Amendola

Dr. Beatriz Amendola, medical director at the Innovative Cancer Institute in Miami, shares advice for Latinas.  

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“Survivor Stories 2014: Kerry Kenna”
by Jackie Gailey

Kerry Kenna, breast cancer survivor and BC5 Project advocate, shares her story in this annual series. 

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“Survivor Stories 2014: Sharon Logan”
by Jackie Gailey

Breast cancer survivor Sharon Logan shares her story in the annual Survivor Stories series.

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“Comparing catheters for early stage breast brachytherapy”
by Gus Iversen

Dr. Robert Hong, BC5 Project advocate from the Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, presented a study at ASTRO this year that analyzed different methods for performing brachytherapy. Dr. Hong discusses results from his survey, as well as his top recommendations for women.

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Nine powerful quotes from breast cancer survivors
by Sarah Brooks

Kerry Kenna, breast cancer survivor and BC5 Project advocate, shares her advice for other women in this round-up of quotes from survivors.

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“Lumpectomy works to rid cancer, preserve breast”
by John Przybys

Breast cancer patient Marilene Nevins and her breast surgeon, Dr. Josette Spotts, provide a lens into Marilene’s breast cancer treatment, including a lumpectomy and breast brachytherapy.

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Dr. Cynara Coomer, Chief of Breast Surgery at Staten Island University Hospital, and her patient, Celia Duffy, talk about breast cancer treatment options.

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“The Wrong Approach to Breast Cancer”
by Peggy Orenstein

After a decades-long trend toward less invasive surgery, patients’ interest in removing the unaffected breast through a procedure called contralateral prophylactic mastectomy is skyrocketing, and not just among women like me who have been through treatment before.

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The New York Times


“Outsmarting Breast Cancer with Evolving Therapies”
by Jane E. Brody

Over the past few decades, changes in the treatment of breast cancer amount to a revolution in patient care. And it’s not over yet. 

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“Cancer anxiety a factor in treatment”
by Paul Harasim

A new study shows that more women who have developed cancer in one breast are opting for a preventive double mastectomy — even if the best scientific evidence shows they’re not at higher risk for getting the disease in the second breast.

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“National Women’s Health Week: Breast Cancer Treatment — Mastectomy Is Not the Only Answer”
by Catheryn Yashar, MD

Each day in her office, Dr. Yashar’s see the sheer panic on the faces of women diagnosed with breast cancer. A growing number of the women she meets think mastectomy is their only option in the face of a diagnosis. But often it’s not.

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“Five Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer”
by Kerry Kenna

A letter from a mother to her daughters in celebration of Mother’s Day & National Women’s Health Week.

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“Radical treatments for breast cancer often not needed”
by Dr. Beatriz Amendola

Angelina Jolie’s decision to undergo a prophylactic double mastectomy triggered a new conversation about breast cancer treatment, genetic biomarkers, and the turning point for those with the “breast cancer gene.” But what are women, beyond the small percentages of those who actually do harbor the breast cancer gene, choosing to do when diagnosed with breast cancer?

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“Rethink Pink: From Awareness
 to Knowledge”
by Catheryn Yashar, MD

It’s October — Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink ribbons are everywhere, as are ads for all things pink — from lipsticks to appliances — that will help raise money for breast cancer research. As a radiation oncologist who treats women with breast cancer, Dr. Yashar is grateful for the heightened awareness about breast cancer and how to screen for it. Early detection has led to many women being diagnosed earlier, when the options for treatment are greater. But this October, Dr. Yashar is asking women to take it up a notch.

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Dr. Karie-Lynn Kelly on the importance of personalized cancer care

Watch Karie-Lynn Kelly, radiation oncologist with the Spokane CyberKnife & Radiation Oncology Center, speak about the need for those diagnosed with cancer to seek a second opinion and research their treatment options.

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